Resolutions for 2010

  • #1 Raise $10,000 For My Husbands Garage
  • #2 Spend 1 Year Without Cable Television
  • #3 Spend a 24 Hour Period in Complete Silence
  • #4 Loose 15lbs By Memorial Day Weekend
  • #5 Listen to only Christian radio stations
  • #6 Read the entire Bible
  • #7 Conquer my Diet Coke addiction

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pity Party Time

Number one is being challenged yet again. Not because of utility bills this time, but because I got laid off yesterday. The superintendent cut my position because they did not see the need for 3 aids in a severely handicapped class. I literally went into a meeting at 10am yesterday and they told me, "This is the last day we will need you, but we will put you at the top of the sub list (as if that helps)." So, I went back to subbing today in mainstream world, same pay but only half the hours. Not that the money is what I am concerned about. As anyone that works with children knows, you can get very attached to the students, and they can get very attached to you, so moving out of the classroom can put an emotional strain on a person. This is even more true when you are dealing with mentally handicapped children because they don't fully understand why you have to leave.

I know that God has something else in store for me. I know that I was blessed to be in that class to begin with because the on-the-job training I received was very valuable. But I am sad. I miss the teachers I worked with, and I feel awful that I had to abandon the kids. So I hereby give myself permission to throw a pity party. I can be as sad and depressed as I want for exactly 24 hours. Then I will dust myself off and go back to my optimistic peppy self.


  1. Man, I'm sorry to hear that. Can you get a full-time job at another school? My mom is a 4th grade teacher and the only reason she hasn't gone to teach at a middle school, besides seniority I guess, is because she loves the teachers she works with. I understand how you feel about leaving your kids. I'm a ballet teacher and even though I don't want to live in my hometown the rest of my life, at the same time I don't want to abandon my students after just a year of working with them. Anyway, I hope everything works out for you and that the situation God brings about will be better than the one you had before.