Resolutions for 2010

  • #1 Raise $10,000 For My Husbands Garage
  • #2 Spend 1 Year Without Cable Television
  • #3 Spend a 24 Hour Period in Complete Silence
  • #4 Loose 15lbs By Memorial Day Weekend
  • #5 Listen to only Christian radio stations
  • #6 Read the entire Bible
  • #7 Conquer my Diet Coke addiction

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

#6 Update

Even though I have yet to publish my Joseph blog, I am pleased to announce that I have officially finished the entire book of Genesis...even the footnotes! Let me clarify. Not only have I finished reading one of the most scandalis books ever published, but I also understand it. I have read Genesis before, many times actually, and I grew up knowing all the stories (although highly edited for obvious reasons)and the songs to match, but I never really retained much of what I read and I certainly never related to the stories or characters before. This time was different, I don't know if it was the praying before each read, or the fact that I had to read, re-read, and write about each chapter, but I finally got it. I know every character in the book, even the obscure ones, and I know the order of every story and more importantly, I feel I have learned the lessons from them that God intended me to.

Even though I am thrilled to accomplish this much, I can't help but look on to the next couple of books with nervousness. For the most part, Exodus will be exciting, but after the parting of the Red Sea there are a lot of rules and tabernacles. I pray that my boredom won't overtake me, and that I can make the last part of Exodus and the few "Law" books that follow interesting for my Bible study group as well.

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